Gotta Love Gelato

Gelato in the Summer

What could be better than taking a walk along the lakefront in Burlington on a summer weeknight? Gelato makes everything better.  Well, it was true this time anyway.

Crema Di Gelato provides the perfect setting for gelato.  Located on Lakeshore Road, it has a patio overlooking Spencer Smith Park and Lake Ontario.  Perfect for catching up with a friend and enjoying a fresh summer evening.

Digging into the mango flavours.

IMG_20140731_195007IMG_20140731_195116                 IMG_20140731_195609




Taste of Burlington – Summer 2014

Taste of Burlington – Summer 2014

Taste of Burlington is a great way to discover and enjoy Burlington restaurants.  This summer the dates are July 20 to August 3.  I’ve been to many of the restaurants participating and have enjoyed them all. After dinner take a stroll and chat along the waterfront with a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy the scenery.

To help decide which culinary fare to sample, menus are posted on the Taste of Burlington site.

Downtown Bistro and Grill is one of the participating restaurants. Below is a City of Burlington Tourism YouTube video showcasing the restaurant.


Make a point of getting out this weekend to enjoy good food this summer in Burlington.

Grilled Veggies with Feta

Grilled Veggies with Feta

Summer time side dishes inevitably lead to potato salad or pasta salads.  A veggie salad also keeps well for picnic or pot-luck alternative.  Veggies turn out great on the bbq and this salad is full of charred bbq flavour with saltiness from the feta.

Guidelines for Veggie Salad

Step 1: Grab some veggies, peppers are a must as they serve as the foundation of the grilled veggies. I like red peppers for their sweetness a bit more than the green pepper.  Once asparagus season is finished I switch over to zucchini.  For colour, use a combination of red and yellow.  Estimate one pepper + 1 zucchini or 1/2 bunch of asparagus + 1/2 onion per person.

image (40)


Step 2: Chop veggies into larger bit size pieces, about half the length of your thumb.  I know everyone has different size thumbs but it’s easier than finding a ruler to measure about 1 1/2 inches.  Coat the veggies with about 1 tablesppon of olive oil.

image (41)


Step 3: Place veggies on a bbq tray.  I use the aluminum trays found seasonally at grocery stores.

image (42)image (43)


Step 4: Place tray on bbq at medium heat and stir occasionally.  This will take about 20 – 30 minutes. Time goes by fast with an aperitif in hand.  It’s okay if some the pieces char (=blacken) as this adds to the flavour.

image (44)


Step 5: Once cooked toss together in a bowl with 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar.  To your taste add feta, salt and pepper.  Great summer salad to enjoy.

image (45)


Centro Farmers Market

Farmers Market In Burlington

image (35)image (39)

Centro Garden hosts a farmers market in Burlington every Sunday.  It’s a great place on Brant Street to grab a coffee or iced tea and pick up local produce.  This is the real deal with local suppliers providing really good product.

The meat vendor has chicken and pork with some interesting meats such as venison sausage with cranberries.

Fresh produce is a definite must buy and this was the last of the strawberries for the year.

Every second week I treat myself to the fresh cinnamon buns…so good!

An added bonus is Centro Garden is open for browse and purchase of wonderful plants and home decor.

image (38)image (37)











Pizza and Beer for a Summer Saturday Night

Pizza and Beer for a Summer Saturday Night 

Saturday evening, too hot to cook, need the meal to be easy.  What better than pizza and beer?!

My favourite pizza now is Pane Fresco which has a location in Burlington and is also served at several Fortino’s stores. Check them out at

Meat Lovers and Creamy Chicken with a Moosehead or Cracked Canoe would be good too.  Summer, gotta love it.





Cake for Canada Day

Cake for Canada Day

Canada Day is my favourite holiday in the year. Crazy, I know but I really enjoy the day.  It’s a nice summer day, entertaining is easy and casual and there’s fireworks.  A perfect day!

This year I decided to make a roll-up cake as it’s hot outside.  This cake only takes about 8 minutes to cook in the oven.

image (29)

Step 1: Search the net and find a simple roll up cake or jelly roll recipe.  I used William Sonoma’s Rolled Cake with Mixed Berries recipe.

image (22)image (23)


Step 2: Cover cake with a 250ml of whipped whipping cream or I used a creme anglais sauce.

image (24)

Step 3: Cover with 1 cup of any kind of fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc.) or even chocolate chips would do.

image (25)

Step 4: Roll up cake.  This is a bit tricky for me.  I used a spatula to help the cake from sticking to the parchment.

image (26)image (27)image (28)

Step 4: Decorate.  In honour of Canada day red and white was the only option.

image (30)


Great Burgers in Burlington

Great Burgers in Burlington

Over the weekend felt a craving for a burger.  Aren’t burger cravings the norm?

Went to a really good burger spot in Burlington called The Works. Some people avoid chain restaurants but this one is worth it!

As you can see from the photo it was great, burgers are gone. One person had a veggie wrap and that was good too.

IMG_20140524_132753 (1)